Is ADU Worth building in Downey, CA?

Passive Income:

Let’s talk about ADUs and if its worth doing one of them in Downey. the reason I’m doing them. Very simple, the passive income from rents. Whatever you do for work you have to earn it and make it week after week, month after month. That is earned income. You and I have to make money. I have to work it every single day just like the gym. If you stop it working you make zero income.  It’s working every day. I want something that’s going to give me money even if I don’t work. If you build an ADU in Downey you can rent one out for $1,500+ a month. We can complain about how things are getting so jammed in Downey or be on the side that benefits from it.

ADU in Downey, CA

Property Value

Another big reason is the value of your property going up significantly. If you ever end up selling, just think about it, Families are linking up together, right? If families are staying together for longer periods of time, kids are growing old, and houses are expensive.  It will be a lot more affordable for a family with to buy a property with two dwellings instead of one

The Investment for an ADU in Downey

Here is the simple math. You’re going to spend $100,000 to Transform a garage into an ADU. You’re going to make $1,500 bucks a month. So you’re spending $100,000 to make $1,500 a month. You’re going to get 1,500 bucks a month. In a year, it’s S18,000. So before you know it, you’re going to pay that off, and then the value of the property’s going to go up. it’s a win-win situation for yourself. You’re forcing value on your property. If you ever end up selling I think  you will be in on the right side of things.

I personally built an ADU on my property in Downey so if we are here to support you if you ever decide to move forward with one. You can watch the build and process here.

Esco Builders Inc specializes in architectural plans and building ADU’s. We create a stress free environment to still allow you to have functionality in your home while constructions is going on for your ADU.

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