How Home Owners usually find a ADU Contractor in Los Angeles:

  1. Find them from a friend they know. Usually the friends uncle or brother.

  2. They believe the contractor word for word.

  3. Home owners usually get 3 contractor bids

  4. They go with the cheapest.

  5. They pray everything goes right. 🙏🏻


I’m sure by now you’ve heard the ol’ story of you get what you pay for. The sad truth is that most home owners get taken advantage of by contractors. Not so much by the price (we will talk about price in a bit), but by the poor quality of work and materials they put into your residential remodel.


But wait, It gets worse. 😳😳😳..


Remember the cheapest contractor that everyone falls in love with because of his ‘amazing’ price?


They gave you a low price. Now here’s where the real ‘fun’ begins…


At first, everything starts off great. You see quick progress. You might even be saying wow these guys work great. From one day to another the mood changes. The work that’s in progress, slows down and may even stop…



The ‘Cheap priced’ ADU Contractor Problem

The residential contractor who gave you the lowest price on your residential remodel  is in a huge problem.(And you and your project maybe the escape goat.)

The cheapest contractors margins are slim at best.


After he gets material and pays out some labor, he gets frustrated. That frustration then turns around onto YOUR residential remodel. To get out of this problem, he goes and finds another cheaply priced project all while ignoring yours…


This is the crazy cycle that has a lot of homeowners running from and fearing contractors.  


Now,  you can avoid all this and avoid feeling awkward at your next outing where you  will run into this friend of the family contractor.


How do we know this?


We get 911 calls regularly from desperate homeowners who just want their problem to go away.  Homeowners who’ve been stuck in their kitchen remodel for 4-5 months with no end in sight.

💸💸💸 <—That’s literally your money flying away!


Avoid This…

Can you imagine the contractor  leaving your job half way done and taking your money in the process? It happens more than you think.

We pride ourselves on our speed, high quality and making your dreams into a reality! We know when your home is being remodeled there are sacrifices that need to be made for you and your family.


If we can’t finish in a fast and adequate time, we won’t take your residential remodel. This is our way of securing great client satisfaction.


Please do yourself a favor if you want less headaches…

Remember this sentence: Cheapest and BEST are never the same sentence

Eric Escobar of Esco Builders inc.