As of the last survey, there were 1.4 million properties with accessory dwelling units in the United States. Because they’ve been getting more popular every year, that number is likely higher by now. Why not join them by getting your own ADU?

Hiring contractors in Long Beach and Los Angeles for an accessory dwelling unit can be expensive, so it makes sense that you’d be on the fence about this major undertaking. Will an ADU actually be worthwhile?

We think so. We’re here to talk about some of the top reasons you should consider putting an accessory dwelling unit on your property. Read on to learn more.

1. A Great Space for the In-Laws

One of the top reasons that people hire an ADU contractor to build on their properties is because they want in-law suites. An in-law suite is a space for elderly relatives (generally parents-in-law, but not exclusively).

When people hit their elder years, they often decide that they no longer want to live alone or in their large family homes. This may be due to poor health, a lack of desire to keep a large space tidy, mobility changes, or even just a desire to be closer to family members.

While many seniors choose to move into assisted living communities or to buy smaller homes or condos, others like to live in accessory dwelling units with their families. This way, they can stay close and see their children and grandchildren with ease.

When you buy your own accessory dwelling unit, you can make it completely accessible so it suits your older relatives’ needs.

Do you need ramps instead of stairs? Do you need a standing shower instead of a bathtub? Would you like railings along the walls and in the restroom for extra stability?

Regardless of what you need from the accessory dwelling unit, a good contractor can make it happen. Instead of having your senior relatives living far away, they can age in place near you.

2. An Amazing Guest House: No More Hotels

Do you love having guests, but don’t love having them sleep on your couch or a small guest bedroom? Don’t send your guests to hotels. An ADU makes a fantastic guest house for traveling friends and family members.

An ADU is more like a luxury hotel room. As a matter of fact, because ADUs can have anything you want inside them, yours can be even better than a hotel room.

Your guests will have somewhere to sleep, cook, and relax. They’ll be able to have alone time away from you, but they’re nearby enough to hang out when they’re feeling social.

This is also great for if you have friends who are staying with you short-term while they’re between homes or traveling for work. Your guests can stay comfortable and secure on your property.

3. Freedom and Security for Adult Children

Do you have children in their late teens and early twenties who still live at home? If they don’t live at home, do they ever visit? Instead of keeping them in their childhood bedrooms, consider giving them a bit of freedom (in a safe way) by adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property.

You want to keep your children safe. You also want them to be able to spread their wings and have some much-needed privacy. An accessory dwelling unit solves both of these problems.

Housing is expensive. Housing in Long Beach specifically is far more expensive than it is elsewhere. Because of this, many young people are choosing to live with their families for longer.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your adult children in your home with you, but if you can put an accessory dwelling unit on your property, it will give both of you the space you need.

4. A Potential Additional Source of Income

So what if you don’t have adult children, elderly relatives, or frequent guests? Can you still get some use out of an accessory dwelling unit? Of course.

An accessory dwelling unit makes a fantastic second source of income.

You could use your ADU as a full-time rental. It’s no different than renting out a room in your home or an apartment. You can make the money you spent on the ADU back in no time and provide housing for someone in your community.

Note that you will have to take on the responsibilities of a landlord, so look into housing laws in your area before you commit to doing this.

You could also turn the ADU into a vacation rental. This is often a better option for people who know they want to be able to use their dwelling units from time to time, so they can’t have year-round tenants.

When you set up vacation rentals or short-term rentals, you can make more money in a shorter amount of time. Vacation rental companies make it easy to do this and you don’t have as many risks as you would if you were doing standard rentals.

If you know you won’t need the space for friends or family members in the near future, rent it out!

The income from your ADU will more than pay for its construction in no time. You can also put it toward your mortgage, your rainy day fund, or anything else you’ve been saving up for.

5. A Perfect Home Office

With more and more people working from home, it makes sense that home offices would become desirable features. Having a designated workspace makes it easier to get work done without distractions. Sure, you could have a home office inside your home, but why not separate your space further with your accessory dwelling unit?

Your ADU is the perfect place to set up everything you need to have a productive workday. Set up your computer, all of your work supplies, and anything you need to stay focused.

Because the ADU has a bathroom and kitchen, you won’t have to leave “work” until the day is over. You’re still close enough to your home to go take care of pets or household tasks during breaks.

6. Leisure and Activities Room

Have you always wanted a home gym? What about a room for your art, or a dance studio? Perhaps you want a video game room. An ADU can be the perfect leisure and activities room.

There’s plenty of space for all of your hobbies in an ADU. It’s a multi-purpose space, so it also doesn’t have to be just one thing. Everyone can use the ADU for whatever hobby they’re most interested in.

7. Increased Property Value

Adding an accessory dwelling unit is the perfect way to increase the value of your property.

Many people decide they don’t want ADUs because they don’t plan on living in the same home forever. Why spend that money if you know you’ll be moving sometime within the next decade?

Buyers love accessory dwelling units. They also want to use them for senior family members, adult children, friends, or an extra stream of income. They understand how beneficial it can be to have that extra structure available.

When you sell a home with an ADU, it will sell for more money and it will sell faster. You may even end up making more money than you spent on the ADU in the first place.

8. Your Property Will Be More Functional

If you’re thinking about adding an ADU, it means that there’s enough space for one already. If that’s the case, what are you currently doing with that space? It’s sitting there unused.

An accessory dwelling unit turns unusable space into usable space. You paid a lot of money for your property, so why wouldn’t you want to put it to good use?

If you’re not using your excess outdoor space for a patio, pool, garden, or another outdoor living area, construct an ADU instead. You’ll get so much more out of your home.

Hire Contractors in Long Beach for Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

There are so many reasons for homeowners to consider adding accessory dwelling units to their property. Whether you’re trying to make some extra money, be a hospitable host, or keep your family members nearby, an ADU is a fantastic addition.

You deserve to make the most of your property. An ADU lets you do that.

Are you ready to hire contractors in Long Beach or Los Angeles for your ADU? We want to meet you! Start here and reach out to us for a quote today.