The big myth that we see time and time over is prospects thinking Long Beach general contractors should have just one more project besides theirs. we are going to explain why it’s preferable you hire a contractor with multiple projects. I want you to think about something, Would you eat at an empty restaurant? (no customers) More than likely the answer is no. Why would you hire a contractor with no work? (no customers)

Long Beach General Contractor Systems

A contractor who has systems and process’ in place is key when you are looking to build an ADU or do general construction to your house. Systems can be as simple as replying to you to who is working on the project and having the next trade ready to go

For instance, Esco Builders has a variety of tradesmen when working on a ADU. So, when it’s time to do framing on your project, our in-house framers will do the work. Once we move to electrical, our in-house electrician will be there. One laborer does not do all the trades. Our plumber sticks to plumbing and our painter sticks to painting. This may seem strange but most General contractors in Long Beach use one tradesman for many trades. That’s okay for a quick DIY job, but not for a full on construction of an Accessory Dwelling unit or an addition to your house.

Specialty General Contractor

Next thing you have to take a close look at is seeing what the general contractor specializes in. We specialize in ADU’s (accessory dwelling unit)  in the Long Beach area. We get calls and instagram messages all the time about pools and fences. As  much as we would like to take on the jobs, pools are not our specialty. We concentrate in building affordable housing with accessory dwelling units. These units can be new construction or can be a garage conversion. We have successfully completed over 30+ ADU’s in the past two years and 9 of those 30 in Long Beach, CA.

Job Site Visits

Another great thing about a general contractor having multiple projects is that you can request to physically go see their work. We invite our future clients to come take a look at all our open job sites. If you are looking for a Long Beach general Contractor I’m sure we have a job site near you. This allows you to envision what your project could look like and all phases of a project. Job visits also allow you to talk to references if the owner is available.

Interior of ADU

Here’s an example: we’ve taken future customers to 3 different project in the Long Beach area to witness 3 different stages of an ADU or second unit. Now, as a customer you have a better understanding by taking a site tour and  you will know what to expect in the construction phase and architectural phase of your future project.  In construction transparency wins, this is why it’s important to hire a contractor who has multiple jobs because then you know it’s a well ran construction crew. When it comes to construction, don’t eat at an empty restaurant.